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Well, I haven’t done much for mine yet. It is nerve racking. The pain is excruciating. Candida is literally eating through my scrotum (sorry to be so graphic). Just get on the diet and stay on it and over time you should see some improvement (possibly 6-8 months from what I’ve read online). No matter what, do not stray off the diet. I too had this problem. I had difficulty urinating/frequent urinating before the pain spread to my testacles. I remember, the pain had spread at one point, and it just flared up. But, I got back from college, my diet changed and took antibiotics, and have been in pain since. I went to a urologist, same thing. I see the guy, I show him the ringworm on my penis and tell him I got a fungal infection and he said its impossible that you have yeast in your prostate or testacles and advised me to “masturbate or be more sexually active”. What an idiot. He prescribed me more antibiotics. I have found online that there was one guy who put diluted colloidal silver in a condom to get the it down into his testacles to get rid of the pain. Not really something I’m going to try, but if I get desperate I will be trying it. The one thing I can say is, get yourself a good sugar free yogurt with bifidum and go get a strong probiotic strand. Mix them together with coconut oil and omega powder, and apply topically. The coconut oil will kill the yeast, the omega and probiotics will regenerate any damaged tissue. It should help with some of the pain. I noticed, my pain come and goes, but the burning on the scrotum is a constant. Good luck!