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shayfo;43599 wrote:

Yeah, I seem to have a weird relationship with the full moon. My monthly cycle follows the full moon. So the week before the full moon I am very short tempered and pms-y. The candida has made my pms so so so much worse.

My period is pretty well synched up with the full moon, too…although this month I was willing it to start a day early, so I’d be done before I spend a night away this weekend, and it totally did! I like to think that this is magnificent brain power, rather than coincidence :p

If it gives you any hope, tmi, once you get candida under control, your PMS will probably get somewhat better. I’m symptom-free these days, and my PMS has gone from debilitating (even with drugs) to manageable (even without NSAIDs or supplements). I still get cramps and some emotional symptoms, but sooooo much less.

In general, the moon tonight (supermoon!) is making me feel really high-strung. I feel like I drank a triple espresso o.O

I was on the diet for 4 months and it really did make a huge difference with my pms too! It’s gotten so much better. I was slowly reintroducing foods and then this week (pms week) I got some intense cravings and pretty much fell off the anti candida wagon. But even still my pms hasn’t been bad. I’m planning to start over again tomorrow… Before I realized I had a Candida problem I couldn’t understand why my PMS was so insane. Im glad to understand now what was going on with my body.