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dvjorge;30630 wrote:

Here is a post Dr. Mcoomb’s has about how antibiotics can cause UTI’s:

He links to a few studies that show their relationship.


Thanks raster, I don’t want to take antibiotics, but on EVERY website it says that it’s necessary to get rid of an UTI. And all the doctors say the same thing.

I’ve had it for months. And this is my 7 or 8 month on the diet. It won’t go away. I don’t know what to do to get rid of it completeley. Is it even possible without antibiotics? I mean, I’m already on the diet, what more can I do?

What did they do when antibiotics didn’t exist? Did they go nuts from UTI or what happened?

Ok, let me see if I can help.

What your urine analysis says ??? If it is bacterial, it will show up in the urine analysis most of the time. Generally, E. Coli that escapes from the gut infects the UT.

If it is caused by candida albicans or another species. An urine culture looking for candida will show it.

You need an urine culture or a series of it.

Don’t play with UTI because it can infect your kidneys. If you need antibiotics, you must take them with measures to avoid an increase of candida colonies such as diet, Nystatin, Fluconazole or any other powerful antifungal.

Again, don’t play with an infection.


Thank you!! I took the test (not for candida though, doctors here hardly even know what that is or want to recognize it’s existence). It showed that I have bacteria in my urine. I guess antibiotics is my only choice right now. Sad, as said.