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What’s the argument for favouring a higher-sugar pectin source?

I’m not stating arguments; I’m stating facts as I know them. And as you stated yourself, I don’t recommend Granny Smith green apples until the 2nd stage of the diet, and that’s because of the low sugar content which means a lower alkaline factor. And I wasn’t talking about the 2nd phase when I mentioned the alkalinity factor earlier, but rather the first stage since the original questions were asked by Doggiemama who is still very much in the first stage.

Is it molds? You said ‘fruit’, so does this imply apples can also be contaminated?

Yes it does, that’s one of the reasons that they’re on the 2nd phase of the stricter diet and not 1st stage.

I seriously don’t care what anyone chooses to eat during any stage of the diet; but when a hoard of positives are posted about any food, if I have knowledge of the opposite facts, I will most definitely post them as I believe both sides of an explanation is important for any food mentioned on the forum. That’s why I have a list of “test foods” on the diet so that everyone is aware of the fact that they can cause problems.

If you want to talk about the 2nd stage of the diet, I see no problem as far as adding a serving of blueberries now and then to the 2nd phase. I’ve never gone into deeper detail about foods for the 2nd phase of the strict diet because I believe that, if someone has the courage and will power to stick with the strict diet and reach the second stage, then they’re going to have enough common sense about what foods they choose to test during stage 2 to avoid problems.