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Angor wrote: Rutabaga sure seems to give people strong reactions. Is this healthy, even if it’s due to a die-off?

Another question on rhubarbs, since I love it, are they safe to consume in high amounts?

Hi Angor,

Having a lot of die-off is not healthy since this means that your body and vital organs are getting overwhelmed with toxins. This is why you should not do many antifungals without doing what you can to protect yourself (molybdenum, milk thistle, sauna…) and even then thread carefully and do a slow increase in dosage rather than attack it with all you got approach.

The amounts of antifungal foods will depend on how you tolerate them, what stage of the treatment you are in etc. If you are early on the treatment, you did not kill of enough of the yest yet so I would thread carefully there. Once you are well off and stop having many die-offs or reactions, then you can slowly test higher amounts.

I was on second month of strict diet and was putting small piece of shredded rutabaga on my salad. It tasted great! I love radishes and this is very similar but a bit stronger taste so day 4 or so of having rutabaga every day when I was cutting rutabaga a little larger piece broke off. I said to myself “I will just shred it all in the salad so it doesn’t go to waste. That day I got so sick and was in bed for about 4 days after that. I did not have molybdenum either.

I get sick with overdoing garlic and some other antifungal foods that I do love to eat. So my advice slap yourself on your fingers if you go for more than you know you can tolerate 🙂 Doing this diet makes us more sensitive to it than before. I could go through half of raw garlic head back in the days and just feel the fatigue (probably due to blood pressure drop), but now if I have more than 4-5 cloves I might get in trouble, especially if I combine more than one (which I also did few times).

Just do a little research on foods you eat, type in google the food name and antifungal properties after it and you will see what to be careful about until you find out if you can tolerate it well or not. Also, you may tolerate it one day but if you have it 3-4 days in row that’s when it might set off massive die-off (in my experience).

Good luck!