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Angor wrote: Do you have a source where one can read more about the antifungal properties of rhubarb and rutabaga?

The information concerning rutabagas was written by members on the forum, so you need go no further if you insist on proof.

Orka wrote: “The last time I was this ill (was) from that rutabaga, I went and did an EKG and blood pressure to make sure my heart was not giving out (last time I had heart palpitations as well).”
And another time she wrote: “I also had rutabaga 4 days in a row. It kicked off such a reaction that I was in bed for 4 days and was sure I will die. I tossed the rest of it and was too afraid to touch it again hahahaha… I am planning to get back to it at some time, but want to be more stable and not have so much die-off.”

And this week Orka wrote, “I will try it again, but let me tell you, that stuff should be sold clearly labeled with huge ‘CAUTION” sign’. Oh that thing just scares me now!”

And I also wrote about rutabagas: “What I remember is my own incident with rutabaga which I thought would surely kill me. I didn’t touch it again for weeks.”
And last year I wrote this, “I liked it, and ended up eating almost an entire rutabaga for one meal. By that evening, I was having one of the worse die-off experiences – or sickness of any kind of my entire life. It went on for hour after hour. This was when I discovered the products Candidate and Molybdenum to lessen the die-off symptoms. I went searching for something, anything that could help the die-off so that I’d never have to go through that again.”

And one member with whom I am corresponding via email because of the personal nature of her situation wrote,
“I finally ate a bowl of rutabaga. The die-off reaction was so horrible that for 5 or more hours my intestines and stomach felt on fire. I felt the pain moving down my intestines until it left with diarrhea, but the next day I was stronger so it helped after all the suffering of die-off.” (By the way, this member hasn’t been able to acquire molybdenum which would have prevented the die-off from being so severe. Obviously she also ate too much of the rutabaga at one time just as Okra and I both did when trying rutabaga for the first time.)