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Add more fat in your diet to help with nutrition instead of fruit. I struggled with not having enough energy and feeling hungry until I replaced some of the carbs with fat. I do it with lard, more allowed oils, fatty meat and bone broth. Eating fruit will make you even more hungry. I am 99% symptom free today and I only eat granny smith apple, grapefruit, occasional berry, and lemons. During summer I would eat an apricot a day or nectarine but they were borderline even though the only symptom after eating them would be funny feeling in my head (probably caused by sugar rush). After eating fruit, I am hungry so I eat it about an hour before dinner. The more carbs you eat, more hungry you will be.

For leaky gut I suggest you try making bone broth and drink it daily. It restores minerals and contains everything you need to heal the intestinal barrier which is broken. Plus it contains decent amount of fat and will keep you fuller and offer energy. I improved a lot when I started consuming it every day. It is so inexpensive and IMO better than any synthetic stuff you can purchase in store. Here is a good recipe if you want to try it: I cook a huge pot of it and then strain and store portions in jars in the fridge. I pull it out, heat it in the microwave, put some salt, parsley or other spices I feel like that day and just drink it.

Best of luck to you!