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You’re story definitely gives me a sense of hope and is very encouraging! I just came across it while looking for people in the group who have had low grade “fevers” and extreme sore throats. For the most part, when I take my temp, it doesn’t register anything. I feel like I’m on fire and I always think that when I take my temp, it will register over 100. So, I sit here on Thanksgiving Day…miserable. I feel like my “fever” is too high to go out of the house and enjoy the day. Did you ever register a fever or just feel like you had one? Do you or anyone else know what causes this feverish feeling? I can understand how all of the other symptoms are related to candida, esp. the gi symptoms. I’m just wondering when all of this will end. I have been on the strict diet for over a month now. I realize that is not a long time at all, but I’m already so frustrated. I literally feel like I have the flu every day. Besides the feverish feeling, the sore throat is the next worse symptom.

Here are my other symptoms:
night sweats (soaking my clothes & sheets too)
some hair loss
diarrhea (slowly getting a little better)
extreme fatigue
rash on my face and chest (reddish, looks like a sun burn)
cold hands and feet
memory loss
brain fog
I’m sure there are other ones that I can’t think of now….brain fog!!!! 🙁

I am doing everything I’m supposed to for the thrush…oil pulling with coconut oil, swishing with tea tree oil twice a day & sanitizing my toothbrush several times a week. I’m doing all of the other things as well…taking a probiotic twice a day on an empty stomach, eating right, rotating the anti-fungals every 5 days (oil of oregano, pau d arco, garlic, caprilic acid, grapefruit seed extract), ingesting several tbsp. of coconut oil daily & taking lots of good vitamins. What else can I do? I am aware I probably just need to be patient, but it’s hard to do when my life is passing me by and all I can do is sit here and feel horrible. Do you have any suggestions? How long did you suffer from the fever & sore throat? It seems like all that I’m doing isn’t making a dent in the thrush. My tongue is so coated with it that it looks yellowish sometimes. The coating is very thick too. It’s not just a thin coating…it’s sticks up off of my tongue. Any help you can give me would be really appreciated!!

Happy Holidays,