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Raster – I actually am taking Zinc and Magnesium – I forgot to mention those, so thank you! I will definitely look into mineral hot springs! And my boss will have to let me have the day off for medical reasons right? haha. The tea will be no problem to add as a night cap as well.

David – By thrush I meant the white coating on the tounge. It was quite a bit worse at first, and has improved but definitely still there. After talking to a friend who has had candida and also recovered, one of the signs of returned health was her ‘nice pink tounge’ again.

It could be just bad breath! haha, For me, I associate thrush with the bad breath although that might be a faulty correlation. This has improved too. For a while, I was running to the bathroom whenever I could to brush my teeth because I just couldn’t stand that taste in my mouth.

My diet is what I would call plant based. I was a vegetarian before going on the candida diet so it wasn’t as bad for me to make the necessary changes. Everything I eat is organic and comes from my local farmer’s market or csa.

However, unlike you I have incorporated a few grains and proteins back into my diet. But more power to you! I think most people here will contest it’s harder with just veg but the recovery time will probably be sped up significantly!