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This is a very important subject due to the nature of this condition and it’s non-existence in western medicine. It is understandable that people are skeptical and put trust in western medicine.

You don’t have any proof to show people, until you start to get better.

I think of lot of sufferers try to get others to believe in the condition before they start a treatment…probably because you have doubt yourself. This can be a very slippery slope if the people you are trying to convince are skeptical.

Think about it, if one of your friends was suffering from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, and came up to you saying they think they have something that doctors don’t believe, and they self-diagnosed themselves on the internet…you would probably be skeptical, even might think they are paranoid or a hypochondriac.

From my experience, my family became supportive when they heard of another local woman that suffered from Candida and cured herself with a year long diet. But it was lucky that a cousin heard me talking about Candida at a 4th of July party and then told me and my parents the story of her co-worker who cured herself. From that day on, my parents are completely on board. But that was very lucky. They were very skeptical before that.

And others have become supportive when they see how serious you are once you start your treatment, especially when you can tell them you are honestly getting better.

Luckily, I now have the full support of my nuclear and extended family and all of my friends 100%. Some people took longer than others to come around, but eventually people realize you are getting better, and that’s all that matters.

I used to hold big parties with beer tastings and bbq cookouts…Now, when I bring a cooler bag to the office, a family event, or to watch Notre Dame vs Alabama next Monday night at a house party, people are more understanding. They see this different guy who is much calmer and sincere about trying to regain his health.