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For me family, loved ones, relatives and friends are the point of life.
So with or without candida I think your post is beautiful and all people should read it whether having candida or not.

I am sure we all are going to get better if we focus, put a lot of effort in this all – diagnose ourselves properly, do proper treatments and follow the diet STRICTLY.
Family and friends can just help us in this process…
But hey, so as this forum! 🙂 we’re all some type of friends as well, since we fight together against this annoying yeast! For me you’re all comrades! 🙂

Don’t worry! I didn’t even tell my family about my problems, only some friends know about my potential candida, and my brain fog problems. What is important that they are there for you and that they love you. Sometimes people are skeptic about these types of disorders and believe that we’re being paranoids and such, but I’m sure they don’t do it out of bad intention, its just one of those things – full belly doesn’t believe to the starving one. Just hang in there, this is luckily a treatable condition 😉