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Able900;47445 wrote:

Is coriander an acceptable herb for the forum diet?

Hello, George.

I’m not sure whether you’re talking about this website’s diet or the strict diet that most of the forum members use. The strict diet would have to be sent to you by me, and I don’t recall sending it to you. At any rate, I have no idea what’s on this website’s diet, but coriander is shown in the herb section of the stricter forum diet in this manner: “Cilantro (Coriander)”

These are two names for the same herb, coriander in the UK and cilantro in the USA. And we thought we spoke the same language.


Hi Able,

I was referring to the strict protocol and I noticed that “Cilantro (Coriander)” was written there after a second glance.

I should have looked better – apologies 🙂



P.S. I received your protocol before I signed up to the forum and have been following it ever since.