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angelsabove wrote:

My questions to the group are:

1. The diet this forum follows. I read that it is stricter, and I would love to see what it is. When can I move to stage 2?

There is no set time. Some people are on the strict diet for months and still cant eat fruit without a reaction. This is because the candida in the colon will lay dorment and cause problems until adressed properly. These people will just keep going back and fourth.

angelsabove wrote:
2. My vaginal yeast infection still bothers me, but not nearly what it was a month ago when I started the diet. However, my bottom is where I still feel most of my symptoms. There is a burning, almost like a small coin/ring is pressing against my rectum. I notice when I eat certain foods it burns more than at other times. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any advice? Would you recommend a colon cleanse at this stage in my treatment? If so, what is a natural anti-fungal people have had success with and where do I buy it? I feel like my other symptoms are getting better except in my bottom.

Not really a burning, more like severe itching. This in my opinion has to do with the presence of the candida in that area. A few enema’s cleared that up completely with me. A colon cleanse isnt neccesary, but I would do retention enema’s instead. The vaginal yeast infection will clear up when you adress the colon. With a diet you lessen the severity of symptoms, but it wont cure you.

angelsabove wrote:
3. Should I begin probiotics at this point. I thought I read to wait until you have completed the stage 1 portion of the diet (but start it before you do a colon cleanse), however, since I still have symptoms, I wasn’t sure if I should move to stage 2 or continue to stay on the stage 1 diet. If I should start a probiotic, can anyone recommend one. (brand and name) So many out there to choose from. The one I bought had potato starch in it so I didn’t use it.

Taking probiotics while you have a big overgrowth is a complete waste of money in my experience.

angelsabove wrote:
4. We are concerned my husband has this (no symptoms in the genital area, but has had a toenail fungus for years and he finally had his toenail removed in January, and he has white patches on his tongue.) It makes me feel as if we’ve been passing this back and forth. He’s only on day 3 and is looking for me to lead him through this, but I still don’t know what I’m doing! He needs calories! we’ve been vegetarians for the past 5 years, but obviously our diet was not that good as I feel that is why we are in this mess.

If those are his only symtoms I am not sure if he has it.

angelsabove wrote:
5. What about brown rice? I’ve eaten in during stage 1 and feel like maybe I wasn’t supposed to.

Its not great for you, though organic is a lot better. If its your only source of carbs I recommend small portions.

angelsabove wrote:
6. Supplements… as confusing as the food. What do you recommend for someone who has a severe case?

For someone with a severe case supplements are a waste of money imo. No supplement will cure you because the candida will not be touched enough to make an effective change.

angelsabove wrote:
7. Blood test. Is there a blood test that will tell us how severe our case is and that we can measure our progress against.

No. Your progress is measured by symptom decrease and the ability to eat cheat foods.