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Thanks for the advice, I read SF722 is notorious for giving a gentle die off (famous last words). I will of course be careful and start small, increase and see how I feel. I am already experiencing pretty severe die off from the Nystatin so perhaps it isn’t right to purchase it now?

Also do you have any advice on what else would be good to help alleviate die off? Molybdenum was good but since I’ve upped the dose, to even half of what Im supposed to be taking of the nystatin, the molybdenum isn’t able to deal with it. I have seen you recommend Candidate on the forum, but seeing that I live in the uk it either would take ages to come or would cost quite alot.

I believe Pantothenic Acid (B5) would be good to help, as to me it just seems the key is to find ways of helping your liver’s function, efficiency and elimination of toxins. Would you recommend this?

Also apparently I need to take selenium to help synthesise the Iosol Iodine im taking to help balance my thyroid aka hormones. Is this true?


PS – Coconut Oil is my new best friend. I eat 7-8 spoons per day and rising.