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stovariste;48431 wrote: thanks for sharing.
is there any link for your story, and some milestones of your recovery. You have too many posts so it’s hard to find …

how long have you been on diet?

I don’t have one, but I think I posted a 3 & 6 month progress, and possibly a later stage one.

I didn’t follow the forum diet to the letter of the law in regards to protein quantities (I was much higher, but stuck with white meat, eggs & fish for a certain amount of time). Prob the turning point for me was when I accepted that carbs like swede, buckwheat, etc could & should be a part of my protocol. I had always been a fairly low carber (in fact too low for long periods of time -50g per day at times), once i started upping it to 120g per day I started to feel better, even if the signs of issues were still there.

In the late stages I used s boulardi & bakers yeast, neither of which I had any adverse reaction too & in fact could have possibility knocked it out altogether for me (who knows).