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thanks for the link, I’ll bookmark that page to add to the others as I’m fascinated by this topic. I first heard about this here Ed Yong and from what little I know, supplements are all different dependent on a number of factors and that all are unable to reconolise the GI tract successfully so although some of the bacteria will make it through and you will benfit from those in the short term, not enough of them will make it to mean that anything sustainable will happen long term. Essentially as soon as you stop taking them any benefits will cease and I think that’s why the concept of Fecal Transplants is gaining a little momentum.

I’ve just ordered a kit from Ubiome which will enable them to sequence my bacteria as part of a clinical trial they are currently doing on the microbiome. They will send you a summary of what/how many strains of bacteria make up your microbiome which you can then cross reference with others through their database.

Dependant on the result from this I am considering the option of a Fecal Transplant to see if it helps with my IBS and/or CFS.