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I think the alternative flours are considered “up in the air” as far as their benefit or lack thereof. Rice flour is definitely much better than wheat flour, pastry flour, etc…but some of these foods are up for you to investigate to determine whats right for you. Not all of these flours work the same way on thousands of different body types.

One safe one to try is coconut flour. Almond meal is another. These are both probably considered “slightly bad” but I personally haven’t noticed them being detrimental to finding candida.

Quinoa is something thats considered “gluten free” (not a flour, so different topic) but it gives me a horrible reaction because its actually a grain that contains molds.

If you feel bad after having something, then it isn’t safe for you. Stick to the basics on phase 1 of the diet and try not to come up with too many ways to “cheat” the diet and just tough it out.

Rice bran and oat bran that could be allowed after 2 weeks of the diet, but yet again, these are not considered “flours.” Hope this helps.