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Yep, it can certainly be tough as all of those occasions are based around the food & drink. It will get tougher over Christmas but up until now I’ve just brought my own (if it’s a big gathering) or explained before hand if it’s a samller gathering and you want to save the host embarrassment. People would prefer you to have something to eat that you brought yourself than to feel bad at you standing there empty handed.

I always have a lemon and a pack of buckwheat crispbread in my bag for emergencies. And take an avocado/ boiled eggs/ tin of sardines discretely if I’m going to be out over lunchtime at someones house.

We had a tea party for my son’s first birthday on saturday and I made loads of things I could eat and which others could enjoy too…
*A slection of dips (avocado, baked aubergine, yoghurt dips) & crudite (cucumber, pepper, raw cauliflower & brocolli, celery)
*Homemade chicken goujons (organic chicken, buckwheat to coat)
*Garlic chicken wings (I can get a tray of organic chicken wings v cheaply, marinade in apple cider vinegar/ olive oil, crushed garlic, salt & pepper)
A tray of boiled eggs with homemade mayonnaise & a sprinkle of paprika.
*A cold seafood platter – Wild Salmon, prawns, crab claws (I’ve tested all of these) served with aoili (homemade garlic mayo)

I did gluten free & regular pizzas for the kids (homemade healthy-ish version) – my son & mother are coeliac. And also did gluten free muffins & birthday cake which I obviously didn’t have either. BUT I’ve never been a sweet/ dessert person anyway so didn’t miss it… and really didn’t feel hard done by as I had such a fantastic selection to nibble from!

I also purposely planned the party at lunchtime so that people wouldn’t expect a drink (although a few of the Dads did have a bottle of beer) and that made it easier to abstain too!

It’d all in the planning, really.