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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Is it okay to eat buckwheat? What about quinoa? I haven’t eaten quinoa…yet. Isn’t it too “carby” (and thus converts to sugar?)
I’ve been eating meat and/or fish everyday because I can’t eat eggs (allergy). Is this a no-no?
I rely on almond butter and sunbutter for a snack with celery everyday. Is there anything wrong with this? I feel like I’m eating a lot of fat with the butters and coconut oil and avocado i have everyday.

We have a forum diet that the members use. If you want it just let me know and I’ll send it to you via private message on the forum. If you have the diet, you won’t have to ask questions about food because all the foods has been tested against Candida.

I eat a half an avocado everyday. Is that okay?

Avocados are part of the forum’s strict diet. Eat a whole one or more if you want it.

I’m only taking caprylate complex because my naturopath said there’s no need to start probiotics at this point. But I’ve noticed the protocol posted by able suggests quite a few more options. Would it be best if I did more than the Caprylate Complex?

Yes, but you need to follow the entire protocol.

Sometimes I get bloated and/or instantly tired and/or get a stomach ache. How do I know if it’s yeast die off or I’m responding to something I’ve eating? How do I know? I made buckwheat crepes using buckwheat and flax seed “eggs” and put some nutbutter in them for a snack today and got foggy in my head, bloated, and tired. What is that?

Could be a reaction to nut butter which is not on the forum diet.