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Dan_man;54030 wrote: Hi,

I’ve noticed my food intolerances have worsen since I have been on the candida diet. At the beginning I was able to tolerate oats and only had a slight reaction. However when I tried them again my reaction was far worse. I have also ate eggs all through this diet but I now think I’m having a reaction to them (nightmare). I would have thought the healthier your gut gets the less intolerances? If anyone can supply any info on why this Is, I would greatly appreciates it.



It’s common for food intolerances to worsen after starting a candida diet. In The Yeast Syndrome, John Trowbridge, MD explains that when C. Albicans is deprived of nutrients, it will grow hyphae and burrow into the tissues to look for food. This can cause lesions that contribute to abnormal absorption of large protein molecules in the intestine.