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mrs.candida;35048 wrote: Hope! Please consider stopping the unnecessary calorie counting, it’s more stress then you need right now, and totally unnecessary.

Everyone on here is talking about how they can’t gain/lose weight. It’s a Candida symptom! I know mysel,f from years of experience that if I eat 1200 calories a day I will not loose weight. (I weigh 220 I’m 5″2″, so I need to loose weight) I figured this out by using Livestrong for 8 months straight tracking everything that went into my mouth, every lick of my finger, no exceptions. In this period of extreme calorie counting I lost 5 lbs.

I’m sure “calories in/calories out” does not work for Candida suffers. I have no idea why. I’m assuming the others on here who can’t gain weight also thought to track their calories. Am I right? It occurs to me that one more avocado isn’t going to cure this Candida symptom, only curing the Candida will help with the symptom of too fat/too skinny.

As for the Coconut oil and weight gain. In the 1940’s dairy farmers tried using cheap coconut oil to fatten up their cows. It backfired on them and their cows actually lost weight. In fact if you do a search for Coconut oil & weight loss tons of information will come up.

Yes! I can’t stop wasting away! I am tracking my food to ensure that I have enough calories (although I’ve been slacking because of all the job stress). Even when I eat tons of oil and avocados and everything, I still keep dropping weight. Our bodies are all kinds of messed up from the candida.