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k thanks guys, shayfo i always have trouble losing wt and thats when i consume 1500 a day i cant consume 1800 or 2000 well i guess mayb on the diet i could cuz i havent been on it long enough to know really but i came off my metformin which helpd keep my wt in check cuz i was worried bout low blood sugar ,its a diabetes medicine i was on for insulin resistance

jersey k ill def take your tips if i decide to take it i cant have nothing burning my stomach !

Able im not trying to rack up a bunch of antifungals but wanted a replacement if i decided not to take so much coconut oil right now all i have is coconut oil and garlic ,i think we should have 3 or 4 antifungals right ? i plan on drinking kefir soon cant wait and got sum renew life proboitics 50 billion taken twice a day