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I don’t have much information for you.

I’d just like to say that our weight problems are the same. I’m overweight too, and I couldn’t loose weight at the 1300 calorie level either. I’ve been able to have my thyroid checked, it’s normal sized and on the border of being low. I’ve been to an endocrinologist for my symptoms of inability to loose weight, hair loss, no sex drive, Dowegers hump and uterine fibroids. This was before I began treating myself specifically for Candida. She told me I was fine that I just had the fat gene.

One thing that helped me loose some weight was Biotine, although I’m sure it was all water because it came off quick then things leveled out again.

I have to believe that if I can eliminate enough of my candida my body will begin working properly again.

I’d love to see links about endocrine research.