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This is one of the articles a friend sent me about thyroid issues and gluten. I need to re-read it, actually, since it’s been over a year since I even looked at it.

I don’t have hair loss or sex drive issues, and my slight dowegers hump I had when i was younger has been subsiding significantly since I’ve started paying attention to my posture. I also don’t have dry skin or other issues I’ve heard are associated with low thyroid. However, my dad had low thyroid, and I definitely have a difficult time losing weight. I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds in the past year, but really only through going to semi-heroic measures, haha. I’m hoping that once my body knows how to digest food properly again (when this gut imbalance is fixed), my weight will also stabilize at a healthy level. I’m pretty strong (farm kid who became a massage therapist, haha) and have more muscle mass than the average woman, but fat loves to stick with me.

Anyone else have any information about allergies?