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Danny33;55942 wrote: I personally don’t see any significant risks in genetically modified foods.
In regards to gene transfer, degraded GMO DNA would have trouble penetrating gut bio-films where gene transfer takes place. GMO aren’t toxic and have been studied for a while.

The main reason I try for more organic is not fear of gene transfer but is because the organic soil has more microbial diversity (e.g making my sauerkraut w/ organic cabbage would provide more diverse microbial cultures).


GMO’s aren’t dangerous regarding so called ‘gene transfer’. But GMO’s can posess such a different DNA that the body can see this as something toxic. This can result in less absorption of nutrients, allergies and inflammation which aren’t studied enough. Inflammation has been found in pigs that consumed GMOS.

Furthermore, there are ethical issues regarding evil companies like Monsanto who are trying to take over the world food production by sueing poor farmers in 3rd world countries in order to enslave them. But of course, this is a different issue.