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Danny33;55942 wrote: I personally don’t see any significant risks in genetically modified foods.
In regards to gene transfer, degraded GMO DNA would have trouble penetrating gut bio-films where gene transfer takes place. GMO aren’t toxic and have been studied for a while.

The main reason I try for more organic is not fear of gene transfer but is because the organic soil has more microbial diversity (e.g making my sauerkraut w/ organic cabbage would provide more diverse microbial cultures).


In the interest of maintaining an interesting topic, Im just going to say here that it isnt what they have ruled-out happening that scares me with GMOs….
its what they havent figured out or know to look for yet.

Antibiotics have been in use for a long time and only now are the consequences seen for what they are…I cant imagine messing with nature like this has zero consequences to our health?

On a more positive note our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to what we put in it over time and im getting pretty old … I hope I get a cool X-Men mutation as a result of patronizing Kelloggs and General Mills.