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It’s important to remember that you can still be feeding candida an not feel a reaction. It’s something I remind myself of each time I try new foods.

I thought flax was ok but I guess not if it’s not on the diet. maybe an expert here can explain why not. I would stop eating it for now.

Guar gum is bad for you and should not be used in a candida diet. I can find no reference stating otherwise. I have read that diabetics sometimes use it in place of starch for a thickner but I don’t see it being good for fighting candida.

The use of guar gum as an ingredient in non-prescription diet aids was officially banned in the early 1990s by the FDA. The guar gum would bind with liquids in the stomach and swell, causing a feeling of satisfying fullness. However, this mass of swollen guar gum would also cause dangerous intestinal and duodenal blockages. Guar gum was declared unsafe and ineffective for use as a non-prescription diet aid, although it is still used in small amounts as a food thickener and binder.