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Able900 wrote:

I’ve been having wild salmon twice every day for quite a while now,and I feel like I need it only once a day now..and I’m getting tired of salmon.I tried eggs earlier this year but did not like how they digested and also the mucus content of them.

If you’ve not tried eggs since earlier this year, you might try them again as you could respond different after treating the Candida for a while.

How long have you been on the treatment? Eating animal protein twice a day every day is a bit much actually.


Well,I’ve been off beans and grains for two weeks.Strict diet for about a month and a half.Yeah I was getting to feel like protein twice daily was too much.But for a while my body really needed it,I was so weak and demineralized and deficient.My skin is so much better,symptoms are really lessening as well.
Thank you!