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Hi, I’m new here. I had a hair analysis test done through my naturopath and it came back that I had damned Candida. I’ve been on the diet ten days now. Definitely have to say I’m feeling better, but I’m concerned that I haven’t done everything right. I’m taking antifungals and probiotics (at different times, of course) and I’ve done my best to cut out sugars, but I started off eating loads of carrots because I thought they were allowed. I’ve stopped now, but there’s a few other things I’m not sure about. Fish sauce? It’s made in the Phillipines, and the only ingredients are fish, salt and 0.01% preservative. How about coconut vinegar and shredded coconut?

The fish sauce probably doen’t have enough preservative to bother you; only time will tell. Do you know if it’s natural or a chemical? Coconut vinegar and shredded coconut are alright unless the coconut contains added sugars.

My naturopath’s method of treating this is to do the diet for two weeks, then take a week off (i.e, eat normally) then do another two weeks ‘on’. Has anyone else done it this way?

You’ll never cure your infestation that way, never; in fact, you won’t even come close no matter how long you do it. Listen to people
who have had a Candida infestation instead of paying someone who has no idea of how to cure it but instead tells you what to do to guarantee that you’ll suffer from it indefinitely.