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Thanks Jorge. It’s good to hear it can take a month or so.

I am following the diet strictly – no cheats whatsoever.
However, fats seem to be causing me a lot of bloating and burping and I don’t know why or what to do about it. Bile salts didn’t help. Digestive enzymes didn’t help. I’m at a loss. Maybe a motility issue because fats slow down digestion (in everyone).

Regarding oral antifungals, I just started candiclear 3 days ago. It has garlic, cinnamon and probiotics. I’m also going to start oral nystatin and diflucan. Diflucan helped me tremendously before but the toxicity scares me.


dvjorge wrote:

A couple weeks in now of alternating baking soda and nystatin enemas. I don’t feel horrible after them at all now.
But no positive results to report yet. No strings or balls yet.

Anyone else have anything to report ?

Are you also following a diet and taking oral antifungals ??

It took me more than a month to see strings going out.