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LRHG wrote: Thanks Jorge. It’s good to hear it can take a month or so.

I am following the diet strictly – no cheats whatsoever.
However, fats seem to be causing me a lot of bloating and burping and I don’t know why or what to do about it. Bile salts didn’t help. Digestive enzymes didn’t help. I’m at a loss. Maybe a motility issue because fats slow down digestion (in everyone).

Regarding oral antifungals, I just started candiclear 3 days ago. It has garlic, cinnamon and probiotics. I’m also going to start oral nystatin and diflucan. Diflucan helped me tremendously before but the toxicity scares me.


A couple weeks in now of alternating baking soda and nystatin enemas. I don’t feel horrible after them at all now.
But no positive results to report yet. No strings or balls yet.

Anyone else have anything to report ?

Are you also following a diet and taking oral antifungals ??

It took me more than a month to see strings going out.


Since 2008 to today, I have taken more than 200 Fluconazole 200 mg tablets. They haven’t rised my liver enzymes one time. The azoles toxicity is boosted by Naturopath Drs in the web because the want to sell you their supplements and program (mostly garbage)
Just get a liver enzyme test every month. That is all.