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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able,

Hmm I can’t say I’m feeling better so definitely wanting to get the right products. I’ve made the move so it’s been stressful and tiring so that is probably not helping at all.

A few more questions for you :). I’ve looking into the Renew Life probiotic you recommended and although its not too expensive itself, the shipping will be a major cost. I’ve emailed them to find out how much but unfortunately I do need to go for cheaper products. I was thinking of going for Threelac instead as I get free delivery. I know it has less strains of good bacteria but it does seem to have a good track record. I’ve also found a site that will refund me if it doesn’t work after 60 days. But I wanted your advice on this move first? IF you think it will be no good I will of course invest in the other as there’s no point being cheap when it comes to your health is there!

I also wanted to ask you about Lifeplan Acidophilus with Caprylic Acid… link – I got this today thinking I could take it until I get my orders. Is this product alright? It wasn’t too expensive so its not a problem if I made the wrong choice. I’m getting used to it! haha.

I’ve decided I will order the grape bitters instead of going for anything I can find.

And I am indeed still taking the coconut oil although I had to stop for the past few days. I have some catching up to do!

Oh one more question.. I’ve been having this really weird stomach problem – it feels like a nervous feeling but I’m not nervous.. it also feels as though my stomach is going to explode or something. its so odd and lasts about 2 hours and seems to happen after I’ve taken my supplements. Right now I’m only taking folic acid, magnesium and chromium (going to top up on B complex and calcium tomorrow). I was wondering if you knew what this could be? Also am I missing any supplements I should be taking?

Thanks for your help as always and I hope you’re still well! I’m imagining you’re off to the lake again?