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Hi, Katy.

So sorry about the mix up. Guess I’m not used to seeing anyone else in this post and therefore didn’t look at the names – so of course I didn’t notice raster had left one as well.

Concerning the bruises: Take a vitamin C supplement if you’re not already. If you’re doing any type of exercise at all, even if it’s just a walk, take 1000 mg of vitamin C before the workout or walk, this is to aid in the synthesis of collagen which affects the blood vessels in the skin to withstand slight or harsh impacts.

If circulation is the problem, which is possible, the herb ginger is good for blood circulation.

The lightheadedness and exhaustion can be coming from the Candida as well as die-off, so with the infestation still there, plus occasional die-off because of the diet and antifungals, you could easily be getting a double dose of these two.

What are the counts of both the calcium and magnesium? Also you can look at the percentage of each in the supplements; for example, you want to see and equal percentage, such as 100% MDR for each. For these two supplements, 100% would be 1000 mg of calcium and 400 mg of the magnesium. Having a disproportioned supplement that depends on another for absorption can lead to a deficiency.

The same goes for all B vitamins as there is a natural ratio in the human body which, when disrupted can cause deficiencies. Taking just one B vitamin alone for a period of time, for example, can cause this, especially if a person is even slightly deficient in other B vitamins, which is usually the case with Candida. It’s also very difficult to find a B complex with the same percentage for each separate vitamin. Unfortunately, it’s more common to see 100% of one particular B vitamin, and something like 1000% of another, which as you see is quite ridiculous.
Obtaining B12 in its natural form would be a lot safer. The foods that are high in B12 are: Lamb, eggs, clams, oysters, fish in general, crab, lobster, beef, liver.

The 50-billion version of Renew Life’s probiotic is much better than Threelac – in my opinion.

So you’re living by the sea, and the ‘lack’ of humidity sounds wonderful to me, what a lucky Lady Brit you are. Actually, tomorrow we’ll be leaving for an island just off the east coast where we’ll be spending our vacation this summer. Looking forward to that.

Enjoy your weekend.