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Hi, Lauren 🙂 I’m glad you’re on the boards! It’s great to find encouragement here 🙂

Yes, you’re right, there is a lot of conflicting info out there, but really, there is even more that is consistent across diets. All recommend low carbs, LOTS of veggies, none that I know of suggest gluten grains at all, etc. So, if you really want a diet that is “safest of the safe” you could go with *only* the foods that are approved on the vast majority of diets and leave out any foods that any of the diets call into question. Most of us, though, do some reading and then some more reading, and then just start making calls. I limit my approved grains each day, for instance, but I eat lentils or other beans here and there, I eat kefir twice a day, but I eliminate all soy. I just had to make an educated choice on what to include and what to leave out. Most of us wind up doing that, I think.

To answer your question specifically, this particular version of the diet *does* allow a few grains in stage 1 of the diet (but not in the “purge”, detox drink stage, I believe). Even then, though, some of the users on this board do not eat grains of any kind for a while. I couldn’t do this. I’m pregnant, have semi-low blood sugar, and have four children to care for all day everyday. Without the grains, I didn’t have enough energy for my daily life! So, I eat grains – mostly buckwheat and millet in combination, a little brown rice here and there, some amaranth, but not a lot in any one day. Everyone has to make a call based on what they know and what their body seems to need.

On the eggs. If you cannot find certified antibiotic-free eggs & meat, I personally would just go vegetarian. The low dose antibiotics in most meats, poultry, eggs, and dairy are a big detriment to the ACD. I use eggs, but I’m able to get them fairly inexpensively from Trader Joe’s and they’re free of additional hormones, antibiotics, and are cage free. Again, it depends on what’s available to you.

Hope some of this helps! Sounds like you’re on the right track! 🙂