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Check to see if it says ‘pasteurised product’ anywhere on the jar, because this procedure kills off 99% of all bacteria. If it doesn’t, there probably still won’t be much/any left for the same reason you need to keep probiotics like MegaFlora in the fridge – the heat decimates the bacteria.

The Polish brand I get has ‘kapusta’ on the front, which is the word for cabbage in that region. I don’t think it says sauerkraut anywhere on the shelf label or anything, so keep a look out for that. Apparently all Poles have it in their fridge like Koreans with kimchi. Kefir is a staple too. I wonder what their intestinal health is like compared to countries further West in Europe. Maybe the daily probiotics just balance out all those horrible-looking sausages and pat├ęs they eat lol.