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I’ve actually done a bit of fermenting and there are a lot of ferments that don’t require salt, just the starter culture to start eating the sugars before other molds and bacteria can overgrow the good guys. This sounds a lot like fermented almond cheese… I have all the ingredients so I’m going to try it out! 😀

As for fermented fruit, that would contain alcohol which of course is not ideal for us candidaguts… I did make fruit kimchi one time, though, which required salt, lemon juice, and garlic (all of which would inhibit bad bacterias from overgrowing), and rather than taste alcoholic it tasted sour (and so, so delicious). I just listened to that video and it sounds like the woman in the video basically made mashed up fruit “kimchi”….. I don’t have much time now, but I am going to do some more reading about this!