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momela wrote:

You probably have an acquired cell-mediated suppression caused by an underlying cause and the same presence of candida.
Until you don’t correct it, there isn’t possible solution.


I’m sorry but I don’t know what cell mediated suppresion is…could you share a little more on that? Thanks.


Hi Mel,
Everybody who is dealing with an unresponsive fungal infection has an immune problem.
Sometimes, minor, sometimes, mayor.
Chronic fungal infections are associated to a deficient Cell-mediated immunity.
Most, if not all, candida sufferers have an immune system polarized toward to a Th2 immune response. This is the cause why the yeast don’t go away and re-occur.

There are several causative factors that influence that polarized immune response, one of them is the same presence of candida colonies in the colon. Other causes are heavy metal toxicity, chronic parasites, etc.

There also are intrinsic immune defects since we are born.