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vem;30796 wrote: Thomas, thank you, this is so useful! I’m scared to start using honey without knowing I don’t have Candida, but I made an appointment with a GI for a few weeks from now (soonest I could get) and I specified which tests I want done. Thank you so much for the info and advice!

No problem mate, but I believe that you dont need to be afraid. The reason is that you anyhow need sugar for your cells. Now the question is what kind of sugar. If you dont eat any kind of carbs and avoid all sugars because you are afraid to feed the candia you will hit the state of ketosis. That is when your liver is taking up the job and changing proteins into sugars. The liver has its own reserve of a sugar kind of stuff which it released when times are bad for your body. This is thought as a help in emergency. Your body is then in a state of internal stress. Which again pushes out other chemicals which can mess around with you. In any account your candida will get some sugar sooner or later even if you dont eat honey. My theory is that. I know that honey or glucose is absort in the first meters och the small intestines. If I choose the right sugar then nothing goes down the rest of the ca 15 meters. If your candida is mainly in the colon then the sugar from honey or glucose is not going down there. It will go into your blood and to your cells as food and not feed candida or bacteria. This is very important too for your immunesystem. I believe we are sick with bacteria or candida because of a compromised immunesystem. If you get that up you have no problems with candida either. To weaken our body and the immunesystem is counterproduktiv. Therefore I choose the control of my battle. I choose the sugar and I choose the place where it enters my blood. Dont know if my theory is right but it works for me. When your intestines are irritated they produce a muccus to protect the intestines. The trouble is that the food is not getting into contact with the enzyms and starts fermenting away feeding anything bacteria and candida. So, my tactics are this: I drink honey water in the amount which my body need in type of monosaccarides. Then I eat bone brew for the fats, himalayasalt, boiled meat because it is easier to digest for the proteins. I eat advocados for the proteins, I eat eggs for the proteins. But I have stopped with all type of grains and milk products. Even yoghurt, kefir etc. I dont eat any kind of cabbage. My plan is to calm down my body and heal my leaky gut first.

My theory why I got out of balance is that I had all my life a milk protein allergy. My mother said to me that I had to be raised on soya because I could not stand milk. I learned now that it is wrong to believe that it grows out of you when you are adult. I felt all my life somehow a little bad. For example did I have anal itching for 30 years which has stopped now totally!

Off course you have to do what you feel you need to do but fear is never a good advicer.Keep a cool head and test and experiement.

Simple rule. What works – works. What doesnt – doenst. You are good when you say: Whow, I feel good.

To your question: Yes it sounds to me that your intestines and your bioflora got out of balance and you developed a leaky gut and malabsorbation. The carbs start to ferment and you develop all kinds of suffering from endotoxins. Your immunesystem attacks the food molecules and you get chemical reactions from that too. Like too much histamin in your system. Somehow I feel that you would do good to go the path I went and check it out if it helps you. SIBO is very much on my mind if I think of your case.