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I am happy to hear that so many of your are experiencing similar symptoms. That means what you are doing is working. Eventually there will be a day where you experience no die off symptoms! Just keep at it and don’t give up!

Drink plenty of water if possible; somewhere between 90-120oz a day would be perfect.

Thomas: That heart pain you mentioned, it’s called a heart palpitation. I used to experience these maybe a dozen times a day before and during the diet. Eventually it will go away as you get better. I don’t have them anymore.

The muscle aches and pains are very normal as well; these will lessen over time as you do the diet. For me, almost every ligament in my body felt painful and I used to bruise easily. I think one area of the body that will be painful for just about everyone is the back. Before the diet, I had the inability to heal minor cuts/scrapes and bruises as well. Once I did the diet, this improved and now its not a problem.

If you all are experiencing lethargy and low energy, this is very normal as well. For me, every single day I was on the diet I woke up with more energy. It took a long time for it to improve, but you should see slow and steady progress. If you can, try to at least walk 15-45 minutes a day to gain some minor exercise (Thomas I can’t imagine doing this in Sweden, lol).

I used to drink coffee every day as well for the last 10 years. I now only drink it once a week, if that at all. What I notice now when I drink it is amazing; I just cannot handle it anymore. It really “messes me up” and is like a very strong drug. It feels so toxic and makes me feel abnormal. I end up really drained in the evening too; I don’t think I will ever be going back to drinking it everyday.