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It can get so hard, but it is worth it!

I didn’t have a great day today either – it ended with me having a meltdown in the grocery store parking lot, flipping off strangers, then starting a fight with my boyfriend. Sigh. The die-off has been pretty harsh on me because I keep forgetting to take my mid-day molybdenum :p Don’t piss me off after 3 pm…ha ha!

But seriously girl, you CAN do this!! I know it sounds so impossible, but just do it one day at a time. Say, just for tomorrow, I won’t eat anything but the veggies and healthy foods on the diet…then the next day, say it again, etc. I swear to god give it ten days and you will start seeing relief. You can tell from my journal entries where it finally cracked and I started feeling less shitty every day, if you go back and start reading from day 1.

We are all here for you and we want you to succeed! <3