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BlueSkies wrote: Tulip,

I know exactly how you feel. I feel so… isolated. My Candidiasis makes me so sun sensitive that I can’t go outside because I will burn. I’ve taken to wearing sun block UNDER my clothes, but nothing helps. I’m alone, literally, all day and night. It makes me feel so sad. I want so much to be with people, but I can’t do the normal things that other people do. Going in the sunlight is painful. Add to that that I’m held prisoner by a diet and supplements.

I am getting better. Mentally, I am better now than I was back in December. My rage behaviour has diminished. Physically, I am getting better (even though this damn Candidiasis won’t go away). I’m just hoping that if I continue to take the anti-fungals and stay on a strict diet that it’ll go away.

It’s tricky isn’t it? I don’t have much energy,but to get outside I use my computer outdoors lol and do my yoga outdoors.I wear a big hat. I don’t think it is that healthy to view yourself as “held prisoner by a diet and supplements.” We know that those are helping us tremendously,it’s not an instantaneous change that we’ll get,we have to be patient and loving to ourselves and our bodies,and let them repair,mend and heal in the natural way,which is gradual.Please don’t see yourself as a prisoner! Make a list of all that you have,all that you grateful and thankful for! There’s A LOT!
Rage behavior? uh oh..hope that goes away! Let me know! if you need support,let me know.That’s why we are here,here for each other,to help!