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Angel29;35187 wrote: Today while driving to work I started to feel dizzy. It wasn’t severe, but it was enough to freak me out a little bit. Finally when I got to work I started to feel brain fog also. I had to go in a bathroom stall and just sit for like 30 minutes and breath slowly. The last time I felt very dizzy was about 7 months ago when I took antibiotics for a YI…the side effects stated dizziness but I felt like someone was violently shaking my head…it was awful.

I’m wondering if the dizziness is me relapsing…?

It’s possible, especially since you’ve been cheating on the diet, and brain fog isn’t always a die-off symptom, it’s also a Candida symptom. And it sounds like the same symptom you experienced after taking the antibiotic which would have destroyed some of your beneficial bacteria allowing any yeast in your body to increase. Speaking of that, what idiot doctor gave you an antibiotic for a yeast infection? He must have missed the class on yeast when he was in school.

Cheating will eventually lead to a negative experience every time, so you can expect it.