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I was just about to post a similar thread! (No need to now! :))

Yes I feel like you, I’m fed up of it all. I’m fed up of having to explain to people what I’m doing, and them not knowing anything about it (or thinking it’s bollocks!) So many people have said ‘Isn’t there just some pills you can take for it?’ I’m tired of being tired, of feeling so low and crying everyday…. I know it sounds pathetic, but the non-alcohol thing is the worst for me, it is how all my friends socialise, and i’ve moved to a new city so don’t know anyone. And as I have some social anxiety already it seems to be getting worse…

Any one have any tips for the anxiety that comes with Candida? I’m finding that really hard.


There are a lot of people on the forum who have been helped by the diet and do see improvement, so I think we do just have to keep at it. What are the symptoms you are experiencing? Surely you don’t want them not to go away. When i’m in ‘fighting mode’ I try and think how healthy I will be getting, and that although a year seems like a long amount of time, in the grand grand scheme of MY WHOLE LIFE, it isn’t that long. I’m pretty sure all this stuff will make us stronger people, and when we are back to full health think how much we’ll be really grateful and enjoy life! I see people with full health eating all kinds of stuff I would LOVE TO and they are still miserable! If they only knew!! ha ha.

Weight wise- I am very new to the diet so I am sure most people here will be able to help you properly with gaining weight tips. But I think if you keep eating fats like avacado, chicken etc. that will help. Also are you making any of the yummy deserts recommended? It may not be chocolate ice cream, but these are pretty tasty-