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With the nuts I would consider soaking them first; if you were to roast them this would also reduce the mold.

If you are having less than 3 bm’s per day this is considered constipation.

I would look at making the breads, make smoothies, and get more creative with food preparation. For instance, my wife prepares and freezes a bunch of indian food (dinners) for the whole month and she warms them up when she wants to eat them. She makes other types of food but this is just an example.

I would eat a salad with both lunch and dinner plus a serving of one of the breads. Also buckwheat groats are a great rice replacement and have similar texture/flavor…takes like 15 minutes to make it. Teff and millet are also great grains you can have on the diet and have a lot of nutritional properties and benefits.

If you are a big veggie person you can get really creative with veggies.

Rutabegas are a great potato replacement and are strongly anti-fungal.

Soups are an easy way to go with the diet and you could just reheat them when you want them, and it helps with your digestion.

Smoothies are a way you could get proper nutrition…blend up the stuff you aren’t too fond of and drink it down real quickly. Make a broccoli, kale, kefir, brazil nut, and berry smoothie!

Kefir is liquid yogurt and contains high levels of probiotics. With kefir you can make kefir cheese, kefir bread, etc. There’s a lot out there you can do with kefir and it’ll annihilate the yeast.

Celery is a good snack to have between meals. In stage 2/3 you could have it with almond butter.

Things should get easier over time as you get better.