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That was an interesting story.

I got the impression that our body is like the earth we humans live on. We can mishandle the earth quite a bit and the poor thing will try to balance itself out and will try forever to stay healthy. But as everything has a consequence eventually we will suffer if we continue to cut all the trees, dump waste into the rivers and streams and kill all the fishes in the oceans.

A lake is well balanced and it can handle quite a lot of problems before it tips over. But if we dump a lot of rubbish and poison into the lake eventually it will tip over and become a stinking swamp with all the problems following.

I apply that picture to myself and my stomach and see the inside off me as a lake. I don’t want to dump rubbish into it, because eventually it will show up as a rotten lake and the consequences I am not willing to suffer.

I will not play with it and will never go on the merry go round of white flower, alcohol, sugar and the like. I don’t even think that the diet should help me to clean up get healed so I happily can dump again all the poison into my inner lake. The good thing is if you make up your mind and die to the idea of turning back you will have peace and are not longing back, not even for a drink or two.

Its like a wise guy said, first you drink the alcohol then the alcohol is drinking you. In our case its the candida who will drink your life and the monster will be like a unpleasant tenant living with you, getting drunk and making a mess off your house.

all the best