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Funny it was hubby’s birthday the other dec 2 and we took him out to dinner. He didn’t want to go and was so worried about me and what I would eat and if it would be safe and be cooked clean and not set me back. And then while we are there friends send us over a round of birthday drinks. They come to the table and want me to drink this beer. I politely left it on the table…they kept after me and kept after me. I almost took a sip to get them to be quiet and leave me alone. I just stopped and said no. There was NO way I wanted to go backwards. I’m so sorry that happened to you but I can tell you I was right on the verge. I’m thanful that you were brave enough to share with us as we learn a lot from each other here. Thanks for your story and I hope you heal up quickly. I keep telling myself I don’t ever want that crap in my mouth again. I have NO urge what so ever to eat carbs or sugar…and before I don’t think I could have made it through the day with out a hershey kiss or hand full of nuts mixed with chocolate chips and it is a NON issue. I can’t thank you all for your knowledge and experiences to help us all learn and grow.