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Thanks for the responses. I have no doubt there there are people cruising forums like this one, inserting damaging and incorrect ideas. Its nice to know that there are still individuals out there willing to post helpful and truthful information.

Just for the record, I was born and grew up in a mobile home. I suffered continual nasal infections, which resulted in six courses of antibiotics in my first 12 months, and later had my tonsils and adenoids removed. Luckily I could not tolerate formula, and was fed on raw cows milk from a farmer down the road. It seems that these two things are actually quite significant in terms of my health today.

My Doc did not respond well to the fasting idea, but did know quite a bit about leaky gut, candida, and the other topics that you guys put foreword. Anyone who thinks food like substances are a replacement for real food should give their heads a shake.