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Well…some girl wrote a post on it(drinking water thing), but I can’t find it now? I drink…you know, water, I don’t know how much? I just have my water bottle with me and fill it up all during the day. I have to buy my own water too cause the well water makes me sick, so…ah…add it to the list.

Also, sardines are acceptable once or twice a week providing you don’t experience any reactions.

What about canned herring instead of sardines? I like those much better. That would be nice. Chicken…I’d have to go to the “big city” for that. 🙂 And it cost mula, but maybe it’d help my hair stop falling out? Maybe I’ll try it?

Yes, the blood work was for my thyroid stuff, and blood sugars. Those two days I could hardly move, then I felt better, now just maintaining “tired”. But, I did feel better than those two other days where I couldn’t move. I thought maybe it was the C.Oil, but I’ve still be taking that and haven’t noticed much. Kinda a sore throat sorta? Don’t know how to explain that? It’s not really a sore throat, but it kinda hurts like a sore throat? I know, weird?

I’ve been making my pancakes for bread, cause it’s “softer” less “bri…” oh, won’t finish that word! But, you can only eat so much of that with no butter, no nothing! 🙁 Yes, I did do the whole oil and spice thing…still I don’t like it that much. Tried Coconut mana, yuck, tried even coconut milk cold, yuck.

I know…Princess, what can I say?!!

😉 Thanks for your help!