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I’m trying to drink…but this whole thing about drink now, don’t drink now, has me kinda confused too? I guess maybe I’ll just drink a lot?

Ok, what have you been reading? Who told you not to drink water?
Tell me about how much water you’ve been drinking in the last two days, please.

I’d rather starve than eat the same thing yet again. Huh…this is not very fun! 🙁 I just wish I could have some other protein besides eggs?

Are you eating some of the breads made from the recipes every day?
If you’ve not been getting enough calories, this would account for you being so tired. Have you been able to find organic chicken in that one-horse town? If so, you could eat this at least twice a week. Also, sardines are acceptable once or twice a week providing you don’t experience any reactions.

I get my blood test results back on Tues. night, so we’ll see how that went?

Is this a thyroid blood test? The tiredness you experience also sounds like a thyroid problem especially when we consider the amount of hair loss involved. If your thyroid hormones are off balance, you definitely want to take whatever medication they determine that you need.