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dvjorge;48114 wrote:

Has anybody had any experience, directly or indirectly, in any way whatsoever, with the concept of a fecal transplant?

I am currently considering giving this a try in the hope that it may help with my IBS and/or CFS both of which I’m sure are Candida related.

I have done them myself several times. Orally and rectally. They won’t cure a fungal infection.


Thanks Jorge, I’ll need to clear up any Candida first I appreciate so I won’t be trying this for a while. I’ve just signed up with uBiome who will sequence bacteria in my gut as part of crowd funded trial they are doing.

I see the fecal transplant as the only way to effectivly recolonise the bacteria in the gut so I may have a uBiome report before and after to see what whether it has any effect on the results.